Most of our customers are satisfied with the service, excellent service in the store and quality suits! Here are some testimonials from our customers:

Mega cool store with a chic selection of costumes. The staff is very polite and pleasant. Here they will help you choose and adapt everything to you.

I rented a suit, it looked great on me, everyone liked it. It is very convenient not to buy, but to rent. I will contact you again!

Excellent store. A wide selection of assortment. My business meeting was successful. It is your merit in this. Here I was told how to dress for such an event. Thank you very much.

Super good boutique, with great staff, individual approach and a large selection of suits, shirts and accessories. Own master can always adjust everything in size. Individual tailoring is possible. Come in, choose, you won’t regret it!

How do we work during an individual order?

1) A stylist works
You talk about your wishes and the tailor offers solutions and combinations.
2) Choose a service
Repair, fitting, ironing and dry cleaning.
3) Support
We will inform you in advance about the completion of the work. And we’ll also provide support and be in touch with any question related to your wardrobe and style